Food Name Moringa with Bambara Pesto
Country Malaysia
Picture Moringa with Bambara Pesto
Sources Tan Xin Lin
Ingredient Cooking Oil,Garlic,Onions,Galangal,Torch Ginger Flower,Lemongrass,Dried tamarind,Tamarind Paste,Bambara Groundnuts,Moringa Leaves,Chilli,Salt,Sugar
First Step Prepare the ingredients: i. Place tamarind peels in a small pot, add enough water to cover the peels and bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat to simmer and cook until almost all water has evaporated. Set aside to cool. ii. Combine garlic, red onion, galangal and torch ginger flower in a blender. Process until as smooth as possible. Scrape out and set aside. iii. Process lemongrass until fine. iv. Process bambara groundnuts until coarsely chopped. v. Process moringa leaves with chilli until fine.
Second Step In a medium pan, heat the cooking oil over medium heat. Once heated, add in the BG and fry for approx 4 mins. Turn the heat to high and fry for another 1 min or until golden brown. Strain off the oil and cool the fried BG on paper towel.
Third Step Reheat the same oil. Fry lemongrass over low heat to allow its flavour to infuse into the oil. Fry for 5-6 mins, or until dark golden brown. Strain off the oil and discard the lemongrass.
Fourth Step Heat the cooking oil over medium heat. Once heated, add in the garlic/red onion/galangal/torch ginger flower paste. Fry over low heat for 10 mins, then add in the tamarind peel and tamarind paste. Continue frying over low heat for another 5-8 mins, or until golden brown.
Fifth Step Add in the blended moringa leaves/chilli mixture, then the fried BG. Give a quick stir so that all ingredients are combined. Add in salt and sugar. Cover the pot with a lid and let simmer for 15 mins. Remove from heat and fill the paste into glass bottles. Keep refrigerated for 1 week.
Food Name Panjiri (Semolina Sweet)
Country India
Picture Panjiri (Semolina Sweet)
Sources Baljit Kaur
Ingredient Refined sugar,Almonds,Tragacanth gum,Sooji,Dried coconut,Cashew Nuts,Rock melon seeds,Poppy Seeds,Pistachios,Dried ginger powder,Flaxseeds,Ghee,Wholemeal Wheat Flour,Lotus seeds
First Step Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a pan. Roast tragacanth gum until it puffs. Take it out on a plate.
Second Step In the same ghee, roast the makhane until crisp. Take it out on a plate. Add another tsp of ghee in the pan.
Third Step Roast almond, cashew nuts, pistachios, coconut, musk melon seeds and flax seeds. Take it out on a plate. Roast poppy seeds until browned. Take it out on the plate. Let the dry fruits cool down.
Fourth Step Grind them to make a coarse powder. In the remaining ghee, roast whole wheat flour and sooji until golden brown. Remove the pan from heat and let the mixture cool. Keep mixing through out the process.
Fifth Step Once the flour mixture is cooled, add powdered sugar, dry ginger powder and ground dry fruits and mix it well. Keep in a tight container for up to 2 weeks.
Food Name Plantain
Country India
Picture Plantain
Sources Malarvili Ramalingam
Ingredient Chili powder,Plantain,Salt,Turmeric powder
First Step Slice the plantain thinly.
Second Step Mix with some turmeric powder, chili powder and a pinch of salt according to taste.
Third Step Fry the plantain.
Fourth Step NULL
Fifth Step NULL
Food Name Puteri Mandi (Princess Showers)
Country Malaysia
Picture Puteri Mandi (Princess Showers)
Sources Nik Azmin
Ingredient Water,Palm Sugar,Green food colouring,Water,Pandan Leaves,Sugar,Glutinous rice flour,Pandan Leaves,Shredded coconut
First Step Blend together 1 cup of water and 4 shredded pandan leaves. Strain the pandan water. At this point, you may add green food colouring if you want.
Second Step Add the pandan water gradually into a cup of glutinous flour until the mixture becomes not too sticky.
Third Step Roll the dough into balls and pinch in the middle so there's a dent. Cook the dough in boiling water till it floats.
Fourth Step Sauce: Mix sugar, 2 gula Melaka, 2 pandan leaf knots, 1/2 cup of water till combined. Add 1/2 cup shredded young coconut.
Fifth Step Mix the sauce with the cooked glutinous rice balls.
Food Name Rendang Belalang Kunyit (Valanga Grasshopper)
Country Malaysia
Picture Rendang Belalang Kunyit (Valanga Grasshopper)
Sources Rossuraya Abdullah
Ingredient Grasshoppers,Shallots,Oil,Turmeric,Garlic,Coriander seeds,Galangal,Dried tamarind,Coconut Milk,Sugar,Dried chilli paste,Salt
First Step Catch the young grasshoppers in the paddy field, pull out their heads. Fry the grasshoppers without oil, and get rid of the wings that fall off during this process.
Second Step In a separate pot, pour oil, stir in pound shallots, garlic, dried chili paste, turmeric, galangal and coriander seeds.
Third Step Pour coconut milk. Put some dried tamarind. Cook the mix until it's reduced.
Fourth Step Add the special ingredient (the grasshoppers).
Fifth Step Season with salt and sugar and cook until mixed well.
Food Name Tepung Bungkus Ubi Kayu (Cassava Flour Wrap)
Country Malaysia
Picture Tepung Bungkus Ubi Kayu (Cassava Flour Wrap)
Sources Rashida Ilyana binti Ruslan
Ingredient Red bean,Sugar,Banana leaves,Coconut Milk,Grated cassava,Salt
First Step Cook the thick coconut milk until the oil rises.
Second Step Add red bean, salt, cassava and mix them altogether.
Third Step Place the coconut and banana mixture on the banana leaf and wrap it securely.
Fourth Step Steam the wrapped kueh until the leaves turn brown.
Fifth Step NULL
Food Name Wajik
Country Malaysia
Picture Wajik
Sources Gomathy Sethuraman
Ingredient Coconut Milk,Palm Sugar,Pandan Leaves,White Glutinous Rice
First Step Steam glutinous rice for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, sprinkle the rice with the 25 ml of hot water. Continue steaming for another 20 minutes.
Second Step Meanwhile, bring coconut milk, palm sugar, and pandan leaves to a boil in a pot. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes and stir to make sure that the palm sugar dissolves. Strain, discard the pandan leaves and all the impurities. Return the strained liquid to the pot.
Third Step Once the glutinous rice has finished steaming, transfer the rice into the pot containing the palm sugar liquid. Cook on low heat, stir until the liquid is fully absorbed by the rice and is somewhat dry.
Fourth Step Prepare a baking tray lined with saran wrap, then pour the rice into the tray. Press and flatten the rice with a spatula as best as you can. Let it cool at room temperature. This should take about 1 to 2 hours.
Fifth Step Once it has cooled sufficiently, cover the baking tray with a cutting board. Please use a cutting board that is bigger than the baking tray. Flip the rice onto the cutting board, and cut into small rhombus (or parallelogram) shapes.